Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In a green kind of place

On and off all summer I've been working on a summer top. At this rate I ought to be finished just in time for the first snowfall.

The top is of my own design. I made a schematic on graph paper based on my measurement and then cast on based on my swatches. Yarn is a cone of green 4/2 cotton by Dragon Tale yarns that I bought at the Mannings. I started by knitting two shoulder straps and then casting on extra stitches for armholes, front and back to knit in the round. I am rather top heavy so the front is 26 inches while the back measures 19". I'll be decreasing soon for some waist shaping and then adding a few stitches back in to accomodate what Sandy from Knitting Daily so poetically calls a "Buddha Belly". I haven't decided on a hem treatment for the bottom yet. Then I'll wash it and hope that the figuring I did to accomodate for the shrinkage of the swatch was correct.

Another green project, another Baby Bobbi Bear. Pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas. I LOVE this pattern. Knitting starts around the belly and continues upward for the front and back chest. Head is knit with clever shaping. The knitting is turned around and stitches are picked up for the shaped butt (yes it has butt shaping!) and then the legs are knit in the round. Stitches are picked up from the chest sides for the arms. Very little in the way of sewing up. Ears must be sewn on, eyes and nose are embroidered, crotch opening is sewn up and that's it.

This little guy was knit with 2 colors of Lily dishcloth cotton (Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream I get the names confused) on size 3 needles.