Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lichen ruffles

The Frill Seeker scarf is done. Pattern can be found at Lion Brand as can the Ruffles yarn. Color has been custom dyed.

The colors of the scarf remind me of lichen , one of my favorite things. I also really like moss but then again I’m strange.

I changed the pattern some, adding ribbing to the back of the neck like a seaman’s scarf and worked both halves from the bottom up and grafted them together just to one side of the ribbing.

The Ruffles yarn is worked by picking up a few strands of the yarn near the edge with the rest hanging down, hence the ruffle.

Not sure I will ever wear this creation but I like to look at it. My friend Renee walked in and told me it was ugly and asked if it was for the dog. Not sure the dog deserves cashmere.

Model: Dino – yes named after the Flintstones dinosaur-dog. What can I say, hubby watched too much TV as a kid.

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