Friday, April 13, 2007

Big Dyeing Adventures with Mama-E

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to take a dyeing class with Mama-E of C*eye*ber Fiber Warehouse. Class was great. Learned loads and dyed lots of yarn and fiber. Let me tell you, dyeing is much harder work that it looks! Those hand dyed skeins are worth every penny.

Here is the yarn:

Here is the fiber:

I've had time to knit up a few things from the dyed yarn.

Socks for someone that promptly wore them outside without shoes from the rainbow dyed yarn.

I branched out and tried 2 socks at once on 2 circulars. Not nearly as confusing as I thought it would be and the satisfaction of getting both done at the same time. An excellent tutorial is the Cybersocks class.

The start of a VERY purple scarf for Jenna.

Scarf pattern is "Athena" One Ball Scarf.


Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Molly! Thanks for visiting my blog to check out my shibori felting. I have anothe rpattern for sort of a 'bubble bag' that I"m going to make with small knots without any object in it so it won't look so tumor like. That one might be a little more useful and not so artsy!

get stitchy! said...

Congratulations, you're on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.