Friday, June 22, 2007

Hat Frenzy

I've been in a hat frenzy lately.

Here are some recently finished examples.

Blue one is made from handspun singles and some leftover manos using a slip stitch pattern. White one is made from Fisherman Wool and has XO cables. Both were just made up as I went along.

The brown one is the hat that goes with Am Kamrin from Heirloom Knitting (Japanese). Here is a close up of the twisted stitch panel. Lots of fun to work but not a mindless project!

I'm keep the brown hat. The other two I will save to take to Knitter's Day Out for Caps for Kids.


Karen Frisa said...

So nice of you to make caps for KDO -- thank you! They are definitely appreciated. See you soon!

Felicia said...

You're in a hat groove! Time to start planning Christmas gifts. I love all those cabely stitches :)