Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some FO's and UFO's

Yippee! School is back in session. I have finally got preschool sorted out for my younger son and I will have lovely, lovely mornings to myself 4 days a week.

The green top is done, washed and waiting some frogging and awaiting some revisions. I originally put in shaping at the sides of the waist which will be switched to under the bust. After washing and shrinking, the top shrunk much more lengthwise and less widthwise than I expected from my swatch. Maybe it will be done my NEXT summer.

I have some photos of the Elann wrap, free pattern HERE I found the pattern fun but the shaping was a challenge for me. Pattern was well written but there was a lot going on all at the same time. I changed the back cable pattern and shortened the wings in the front.
Here is the back modeled by the ever patient Dino.
Back of Elann wrap

And the front modeled by a chair since Lexi wouldn't cooperate.
Front cable from Elann wrap

I started the Kauni Autumn Cardigan and joined the KAL. I'm using colors EQ (rainbow) and EJ (white/cream/fawn/rose). I've only gotten the ribbing done so far and can't wait to start the leaves. The yarn Kauni Effektgarn is fascinating, keeps me knitting to see how the colors will play out.
Ribbing on Kauni Autumn Cardi


Felicia said...

Dino makes an excellent model :) Your WIPs are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, as usual, Molly. How you find the time to do that with those two little angels you have amazes me. I am especially tempted by the cardigan..... No, I will NOT start another project for which I have to buy yarn. I will be strong, I will be....