Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweater progress

Making progress on the bulky cabled sweater.

I've got the body done, now I'm working on the sleeves. I've put both sleeves on one long circular and am working both at once with separate balls of yarn. Hoping to stave off the dreaded Second Sleeve Syndrome. A lesser known but equally serious illness related to Second Sock Syndrome.

And BTW it isn't a baby sweater those are just giant hostas in the background.

I'm taking the green socks with me to work on while watching Sports Day at son #1's school. Hoping to make great progress. After these to projects are finished, I swear I will work on the purple aran.

I have to report the demise of the two tone blue shawl already. I went to work on Sunday and came home to find it in shreds. Curiously, Lexi the dog seems to have been using a new blue dental floss...


Felicia said...

LOL Lexi is so cute! That cable sweater is looking fab :)

Knitman said...

Glad you explained it is not a baby sweater-cos it does look like it!
So how is going now 2 week slater? Are we going to see?
Love the boxer!