Wednesday, May 16, 2007

UFO's Attack!

In an attempt to get my crafting life under control, I gathered up all the UFO's I could find. The pile was quite scary motivating.

I found just a couple.
I even finished a few...

A little Japanese style softie bear.

A wild sock monkey.

Both are now residing in my Etsy shop.

Frogged the purple scarf and the blue Mariposa. Worked a bit on the green crocheted sun hat. Put the green socks aside for travel knitting. Kept the purple Aran cardi & blue lace shawl by my bedside hoping I will take them up again soon. The crocheted throw rug made from fabric strips is in the undecided pile.

Of course I went to The Mannings yesterday and got some teal green 5/2 cotton that really wants to be a summer top :) ...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Molly! I think my UFO pile might be bigger than yours.....good job in finishing some and frogging some. At least you made choices. I am wondering about that cotton for a summer top, though. Have a great holiday weekend. Linda

Scattered Gemini said...

Your throw rug reminds me of the few that i made using up clothing when my niece and nephew (twins) grew out of them. Such sweet reminders of when they were toddlers.

Oooh, The Mannings...heaven to the fiber fanatic!

The knitting group will be taking a field trip there some time this Summer, i am sure!